You just focus on your business, leave the records and reporting to us.

In addition to the accuracy of the reporting, timing is also important to us.

Thanks to the advances in technology, outsourcing is now preferable for small and medium-sized companies, and even outsourcing is the right investment in such businesses where key issues such as productivity and growth have a strong impact.

We use technology, together with our highly qualified staff, Turkey is enabling us to work for your business from anywhere.

Accounting and Reporting Services

As Bayar Financial Consultancy, the “In Your Company & In Our Company” model offers a flexible working model that allows you to get higher quality accounting and financial services at a relatively low cost without compromising corporate information and internal controls of your business and increasing risks.

In this working model, some of the personnel who do your current work in your Company become the payroll of our company and continue to work in your Company. Thus, your corporate knowledge is not compromised in any way. Working in your company, these personnel manage everyday operations, emerging problems, process improvements and all relationships with senior management.

The remaining part of the work is carried out by professionals who are specially appointed for you in our company.


  • Your corporate knowledge is protected by the transfer of your employees to our company and their stay in your Company.
  • Loss of control has been minimized since our customers are in contact with the employees of our company, who are constantly at your company.
  • Our customers get rid of the problem of recruiting and training accounting and financial staff
  • Since it is a model based on the protection of some of the working personnel, it reduces the risk of change management.
  • In the event that the commercial activities of your company increase, a flexible working model is offered with the employees working in our Company.
  • Employees working in your company always have the opportunity to undergo continuous training because they work with high quality professionals employed in our company.