Quality Policy

Item 1: The customer is our most important reason for being.

Item 2: The customer is the person who is likely to gain or lose new customers.

Item 3: The customer is the one who always needs to be taken care of by identifying his needs.

Item 4: The customer is the person who needs to be satisfied constantly after selling the services.

Item 5: Customer satisfaction is essential to make a difference, to get ahead of competitors, to grow and to make a profit.

Item 6: All customers are entitled to receive quality service

Item 7: All our employees are obliged to create customer satisfaction, ensure that our customers say that my financial advisor thinks, creates, does for me and I feel safe while working with my financial advisor.

Item 8: All customers are customers of our financial consultancy. We cannot compromise on the quality of service to be offered to customers on the grounds that they are customers of another portfolio.

Item 9: Informing the customer on time and directing them to the right person or channel is the first condition of customer satisfaction.

Item 10: All customers have the right to complain about the services they receive from us.